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I create stunning and scrumptious custom-decorated cookies and teach others how to decorate and gift dazzling sugar cookies to share with the ones they love. I believe that sharing sugar cookies is a beautiful way to give a gift that says:

You are loved, you are seen, you are valued.

My story is built on the shoulders of giants.

I come from a long line of risk-taking, dream chasing, entrepreneurs.


My baking prowess was fostered and flamed from a very young age. I began baking weekly box mix cakes for my dad and believe me, his sweet tooth knew no rival. (He especially loved strawberry cake with 2 helpings of icing smeared on top). He was my biggest cheerleader.

It is from the roots of my grandparent’s construction company, Gentle Construction, and the never-ending encouragement of my father, that my cookie dream was born, named

in honor of their legacy.

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Based in McKinney, TX, I'm a baker with an insatiable passion for flavors, dedicated to helping you craft beautifully adorned sugar cookies that add a touch of sweetness to any occasion. Confections are my ultimate inspiration - packed with sugar and carbs.


Sugar cookies hold a special place in my heart, but I sought out a different option that offered more flavor and a royal icing consistency that wasn't as tough as concrete. And guess what? I found it! I whip up these delightful treats right from my home kitchen, amidst life's chaos.

My kitchen is truly the heartbeat of my home.

Gentle Confections_Custom Cookies and Co
Gentle Confections_Custom Cookies and Co

As a homeschooling baker mom, I've discovered that baking is more than just creating mouthwatering treats – it's a powerful tool for teaching life lessons.

I choose community over competition as I sprinkle sugar in every area of life.

From teaching math through measuring ingredients to fostering patience while waiting for dough to rise, baking provides endless opportunities for learning and growth. By welcoming other women into my "kitchen", we share laughter, love, and friendship while also helping each other navigate the ups and downs of overcommitted lives.




From oven to table, our family-owned home bakery infuses every treat with a dash of love, a sprinkle of laughter, and a dollop of hard work.



Indulge in our delicious cookies made with carefully selected ingredients for the ultimate flavor experience right from our cottage home bakery.



We create more than just delicious sugar cookies. We help bring people together to create lasting memories and meaningful bonds.

Let's put aside our measuring cups of comparison and instead grab a heaping spoonful of camaraderie as we bake up memories within our communities.

As someone who is dedicated to choosing love over rivalry, I've seen how coming together with other families not only enriches our lives but also creates lasting bonds that transcend the kitchen. 

I aspire not only to create delicious treats but also to empower and uplift other women by sharing timeless values of honesty, integrity, and generosity – all while indulging in some seriously scrumptious cookies along the way!

Let's share some sugar together!
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"Kara goes above and beyond to make all your sugar dreams come true. "

I can’t say enough about how awesome Kara’s cookies are! From creative designs, to the artistic talent to the amazing deliciousness!!!! Even her Gluten-free cookies taste so yummy, you can’t tell they are GF. Kara goes above and beyond to make all your sugar dreams come true. And she is really fun too- take one (or all of her classes, they are a blast!)

Lori B


Get started below!

Whether it's finding joy in cookie decorating or discovering the magic of science through kitchen experiments, when we choose community over competition, every lesson becomes sweeter – just like the treats we create together!

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Private Parties

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Cookie Classes

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Custom Cookies

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