How can we describe our amazingly delicious flavors?

Raspberry and Various Nuts
Cute Animal Hat

Almond Vanilla

Creamy velvety, smooth, deliciousness, smells like childhood kitchens, with every comfort you can imagine. 

Lemon Pie

Lemon Sugar

Sweet with a tang, Flavor with a bang! Creamy and good, with a freshness that only citris can bring. Lemony lusciousness!


End All Chocolate

Tastes just like a brownie but in rolled out cookie dough form. The best of all worlds, wrapped in a chocolate heaven! 

Easter Chocolates
Chocolate Truffle Close Up

Gluten-Free Available Too

Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Sugar Sugar!

Classic, beautiful, simple and delicious. We created our version of the sugar cookie that is never too sweet or too much.

Pink Sugar

Gluten-Free Available Too

Hot Chocolate
Buttermilk Croissant

Rolled out Choc-Chip

With mini chocolate chips, this cookie dough is flat-out the most joyful ever, with tiny pops of chocolate to delight you.

Birthday Cake with Sprinkles

Tastes just like you remember. Flooding your mouth with fun and love and games and laughter! What's not to love!

Pink Birthday Cake